Written by Fred Dotzler

In a recent survey* of CEO’s of venture financed companies, Fred was rated in the the top 1% of over 17,000 investment professionals. His insights, found in the articles listed below, are now available for immediate download.




Understanding the topics covered in this section will increase your chances of raising capital.

  • Raising Venture Capital: Tips for the Medical Start-Up
  • Raising Venture Capital: Managing the Process for a Medical Start-Up
  • What Founding Teams Should Understand About Raising the First Round of Venture Capital
  • What Percent of a Medical Company Should Founders Sell for Seed/Startup Venture Capital?
  • Follow-On Financings of Portfolio Companies: Issues for Investors and Start-Up Companies
  • Strategic Implications of Alternative Sources of Capital for Private Biotechnology Companies


Articles in this section provide guidance on how to build a successful company after you receive funding.

  • Hiring an Effective Chief Executive to Run a Start-Up Company
  • Starting Up Right
  • Should I Hire a Vice President of Marketing or a Vice President of Sales Into My Start-Up Medical Company
  • Market Research Basics for the Start-Up Biomedical Company
  • Corporate Partnership: Lifeline for Biomedical Start-Ups


Articles in this section describe what venture capitalists do.  Understanding the process they employ, and the backgrounds from which they come, will give founding teams insight into how to deal with venture capitalists and increase the chances the founding team will be able to raise venture capital.  This section will also provide guidance to anyone considering a transition to a career as a venture capitalist.

  • What Do Venture Capitalists Really Do, and Where Do They Learn to Do It?
  • Top 10 Tips for New VCs from an Old Hand




*  TheFunded Ranks The Most Loved VCs Of 2009. Click to view.